What have I done

I am an Interior Designer by vocation, however, once I graduated from university, I started to consider myself as a space designer. Consequently, and due to the fact that I am not especially afraid of new situations, I have been able to apply my knowledge
as interior designer to different ephemeral spaces, from scenography to stands. Thanks to this career I have also become aware of the importance of ilumination. In view of this, I decided to join an International Lighting Design Workshop by ERCO (Ludënscheid,

What I do

I am continually learning and taking oportunities that come my way. I collaborate with Interior Designers and I search for personal projects.

What would I like to do

I would like to work designing spaces, do a Masters Degree in Lighting Design and become more knowlegdeable about Arts and Humanities (Art History, Theatre, Cinema…)

  • A book : La sombra del viento- Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  • A film: Willow- Ron Howard
  • Another movie:Perfume- Tom Tykwer
  • A song: Bittersweet symphony- The Verve
  • A painting: The Kiss- Gustav Klimt