The Canteen

This project consisted of making a new and more flexible space for both students and teachers. It was a collaboration with Vermell032.

The Severo Ochoa high school was built in the seventies. Despite having had several renovations, there are still some rooms that have not been updated, like the canteen. The first statement we decided on was to preserve part of the original elements of the space, such as the tiles in the kitchen, in order to respect the history and the architecture of the building.

The different uses that the space was due to have were: a meeting point for big groups of teachers for evaluations, a meeting point for groups of students to study out of the library, space for drawing exhibitions and, obviously, we designed four different areas: a bar, dinner tables for large groups in a more private location, another space with dinner tables (which could be moved depending on needs) and some counters on the perimeter to facilitate
quick visits to the cafeteria.

All together, we distributed the space, as well as materials. Our main inspiration was the cafeteria of Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital.