New begining in Stockholm

In an empty apartment, in the middle of a pandemic and working from home…

Adheer finally moved to his apartment in Sundyberg at the begining of the summer 2020. Sharing apartment is over…! This is such a new begining for him… As he was not sure about how to start furnishing, he contacted me in order to create spaces that could transmit the joy of starting something new and personal. Nevertheless, there was a small conditioning… I was out of Stockholm, out of Sweden, and nowhere nearby. Having lived there for a year though, made me know where to go, at least digitally.

Both of us decided to get second hand furniture. Such desicion was not only based as a matter of small budget, but also as a matter of sustainability. The fact that second hand market is something common in the Swedish capital, was indeed an advantage in terms of possibilities and management. As a result, a stylish and low-budget apartment!

This has been my first 100% online based project, with an 80% of second hand furniture. Do you want to hear more about Adheer?