Rosendals garden

In August 2019, right after one week in the city, I took a ferry from Nybrokajen. Once Gröna Lund was left behind, I counted two stops and got off. Barely without checking in the map where I was, I walked aimlessly.

After making a stop for box lunch in a garden, I realized there were some glass greenhouses somewhere behind me. There were quite a lot of visitors and, despite the hot weather (yes, hot in Sweden) I didn’t doubt about exploring a little bit more before going back to the city centre. I felt like discovering America.

Rosendals Trädgård is a Foundation that promotes biodynamic farming practices. A part from the surrounding large gardens and fields, where citizens can rent parcels and visitors can pay for their own bouquet, there is a restaurant, an ecological shop and a nursery garden.

At the restaurant, one can indulge gluttony with the large desserts buffet. Every week, there is a lunch menu. Everything is cooked with products grown in the same garden. The shop is a sensory pleasure. What attracts the attention the most is the bakery corner, and there is always the possibility to taste their elaborations with some butter, chutney or mustard. In respect of the nursery garden, my favourite space, it constantly changes with the season. In terms of products, display and, of course, views. For that reason, I came back during winter, when gardens weren’t alive anymore and people were remaining inside the dining room. The experience was equally surprising.

In order to remove some epic from the story, I have to say that Rosendals is just 15 min walking from Nordiska Museum, in other words, it is quite near to the city centre. Therefore, it is common to see not only locals but tourists. It is not a secret. Simply, I took the longest way… and I’m glad I did it!

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