Adelaida’s story

Adelaida can finally say that she has moved on, despite being attached to her village, Sant Cugat del Vallès, where she has lived important moments in her life. She has also been developing her career as a primary school teacher in the same school for more than 20 years. Indeed, teaching is her trully core.

It is fair to state that Adelaida is a woman used to a “do it yourself” lifestyle that she applies to different aspects. For that reason, and after a big change in her life, she decided to leave her big house in the forest and move to a 70’s apartment in the old town.

Now, another change is needed: to refurbish the house, to give an Adelaida’s touch to it and to adapt it to the circumstances. Such step means to leave behind some memories accumulated over the years, something that is especially difficult for her, as kids have grown up and now live independently. Furniture and objects to be kept were selected, as well as recycled or even customized. Plants, students’ drawings, pictures, objects with a special halo… Everything has its place in the house.

Adelaida loves Star Trek, playing board games and moving along the village with a scooter. Do you want to see her new apartment?

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