Lola and Toni’s story

Lola and Toni are nothing but two great nomads, as far as they can remember. Their relatives already used to changes and experimented with resilence several times.

They were both born in Morocco, in Tetuan and Tanger. Life led them to live in different cities, such as Valencia or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, before they finally met working in Madrid. There, they built a family and, after some years, they moved to Barcelona. In this city they spent 17 years of their life, the longest stay until the moment.

Toni has worked in the photography sector for 35 years. In fact, he met Lola in a camera company. Therefore, their connection to photography is more than just professional. Toni’s work and Lola’s willingness to travel have already produced thousands of pictures.
Nowadays, Toni and Lola are retired. As proper nomads, they moved again to a new city, Málaga, in order to properly start this new chapter in their lives.

One can guess that the fact that they can see Morocco from their new terrace is part of a coincidence. Now, Joan Manuel Serrat’s song, Mediterráneo, makes much more sense to Lola. Their closeness to their origins makes this apartment a great opportunity to show memories and give them a better place. After all, pictures need to see the Mediterranean light again.

Check out their penthouse in Málaga!

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